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What does handcrafted mean?

Handcrafted means made just outside of Philadelphia, Pa in the USA, piece by piece with lots of care. I selected the fabrics just for fun as accents to your existing decor that will create a little excitement, interest and focus.  The idea is to toss them around in special places and move them at will.  Think of them as an accessory such as a piece of pottery or flower arrangement.  

What is the fiber content of the pillow covers?

The description of the pillow cover includes the fiber content of the fabric for each side. (The sides are marked 'front' and 'back' but by design there is no front and back.) Except for the silk fabrics, all of the covers can be spot cleaned. Silk must be dry cleaned.   Do not machine wash any of the covers that are embroidered or appliquéd or have trim. 

What kind of pillow inserts will come with my pillow covers?

The pillows covers will come with a down alternative or polyester filled pillow insert depending on the fabric of the pillow.  The inserts are soft and keep the shape of the cover.    All outdoor pillows come with outdoor compatible inserts. 

How much is shipping?

All shipping is free. Each pillow will arrive safe and sound in wrapped in white tissue paper and placed in a weather proof envelope mailer.  

Can I return a pillow?

If you are not happy for any reason with your purchase, I will give you 100% refund when you return the pillow within 30 days.  My intent is for you to have a good experience with my shop. I want you to come back and find another fun accent pillow.

I hope you'll want agalperinoriginal for your home.