The Right Pillow Changes Everything: Own agalperinoriginal
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About agalperinoriginal The Rescued Fabric Story

Many years ago  I took home economics in 7th grade.  Every girl took home ec. back then.  We made an A-line skirt with a waist band and a zipper.  I loved my teacher, the classroom, and the new skill of imagining and constructing using a sewing machine.  All these years later, I am still imagining and making things from fabrics I find exciting and fun.  In honor of my father who not only taught me to see the art in life as well as his entrepeneurial genes, I return to my girlhood last name, Galperin

I have been making decorative pillows since my earliest sewing years, and recently I moved making all new friends who asked me to make them pillows.  Happily obliging, I made many pillows from all kinds of fabrics.  I love fabric.  Every pillow was a labor of true love. My new friends encouraged me to start selling pillows on line and then the Universe sent me a sign.  While shopping at a favorite old fabric store, I overheard the owner lamenting about the closing the 75 year old store." What would become of all the fabric samples? " I asked. "Fate unknown" she replied sadly and with tremendous regret at the thought.   We negotiated for a few weeks and on Valentine's Day,my husband and I took two van loads of fabric neatly boxed up home.

With both feet, I have jumped into the ocean of online sales.  It's a very swift current and I'm swimming as fast as my inexperienced e-commerce brain will allow.  But all the while, I am having a wonderful time designing pillows from rescued fabric and feeling especially good about repurposing in our world of conscientious consumers.