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Heady winds blowing the leaves around and the holidays closer.

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I always like to tuck away the wilting summer decor including my clothes.  It just feels good to start the cooler seasons with outdoors secured and the indoors refreshed.  I am making pillows with fall and winter crazy prints and trims to throw around drab corners now that sun doesn't brighten them for very long.  And, I'm having fun making holiday pillows that are more classic with vintage velvets and polished cottons.  Being sentimental, and hoping for peace on earth, I like holiday decor to be wholesome.  So take a look...

Speaking of taking a look...I've been invited to showcase my one of a kind pillows at the Beauty Art Decor and Gift shop in Newtown Square Pa on Wednesday November 2.  I'm nervous, but hopeful there will be a nice turnout and I can explain my passion about repurposing new fabric rather than always buying what everyone else has bought.  Be brave, I'll say, and give a completely one of kind gift this year!

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