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Can summer last longer this year?

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What is more peaceful than the warm summer soft air?  Even with the tragic news, the sun's healing power is available to us all.  I've made pints and pints of sweet blueberry goodies, gallons of basil ice tea, and many bouquets of flowers from my backyard this summer.  See my beautiful butterfly friend?

I'd like to put both feet on the brakes and slow summer down to a crawl; there's so much to appreciate.  In the afternoon when the heat is so intense I feel I need a break, I go down stairs to my sewing shop below the first floor (basement, in other words...ha) and sew a new pillow or two.  My supply of rescued fabric has barely receded, I'm happy to admit.  The fabric samples seem to look up at me and say " wouldn't I make the coolest pillow ever?"  It's all fun.

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